use auspicious in a sentence | auspicious sentence examples

Royal blue is auspicious for me. Such a dream is not considered auspicious. This is an auspicious day for me for business meetings. In most cultures, dreams of bedbugs are not considered auspicious. The nine nights preceding Dasehra are regarded as the most auspicious on the Hindu calendar. This is an ideal gift for any […]

use articulate in a sentence | articulate sentence examples

He is an articulate speaker. He established himself as a bright and articulate artist. She is an articulate and gentle woman. He was articulate in a staccato fashion. She is articulate, fearless and is ever ready to fight for a cause. He is lively, articulate and frank. She is articulate and confident. Synonyms of¬†Articulate pronounce, […]

use absconding in a sentence | absconding sentence examples

The police have arrested an alleged absconding fraudster. The accused still remain absconding. The police arrested an absconding criminal today. The police arrested an absconding hardcore criminal today. He had been absconding for the last three years. The police nabbed the absconding thief. The police had conduced raids to look for the absconding thief.

use surmise in a sentence | surmise sentence examples

There is really nothing new in her surmise. I was in no position to surmise. Focus your attention more on what you want and less on what your rivals surmise. It is a highly speculative news report based on surmise and conjectures. I can only surmise what had happened. Synonyms for Surmise guess , speculation […]

use ransom in a sentence | ransom sentence examples

The abductor had demanded a ransom of Rs 10 lakh from him. We had received no demand for ransom from the abductor. He was murdered for ransom. They kidnapped me yesterday for ransom. They killed him for ransom. Synonyms of Ransom bribe , redemption , compensation , redeem , release , rescue , liberation , […]

use abdomen in a sentence | abdomen sentence examples

She had a big tumour in her abdomen. There is no way to predict or prevent an acute abdomen. Appendix pain usually occurs in the lower right abdomen. He complained of acute abdomen pain. The doctors created an opening in the abdomen to drain out the excreta. Synonyms of¬†Abdomen stomac , venter , tummy , […]