use completely in a sentence | completely sentence examples

Social life is completely missing in city.

Parents must be completely aware about the kind of friends or company their children keep.

The building was completely destroyed in the fire.

Every dawn brings with it the corresponding opportunity to begin a completely new life.

The latest Punjabi films have completely changed the scenario of Punjabi cinema.

He completely ignored me.

The Kalinga war in 261 BC changed Ashoka completely.

I am completely at your command.

I completely forgot about that.

I came here to tell you something and I completely forgot.

I am completely sure of it?

She was completely lost in her thoughts.

He lost his temper completely.

I trust you completely.

I am completely secular.

What will happen if I eliminate salt completely in my diet?

There are very few people who do not like milk or avoid it completely.

It is completely natural and safe to be used.

We should be completely aware of what we actually eat.

A scratch on the computer screen can spoil the look completely.

It is completely legal.

This is not completely true.

It is completely natural and safe to be used.

I completely agree with you.

Is it possible to completely cure diabetes permanently?

Is it possible to forget someone completely?

Will robots replace human beings in the workplace completely?

You can never really know someone completely.

Your razor sharp eyes stabbed my heart completely.

Is it possible to get completely freed from the past?

Never relax until it is completely done.

The deal was completely above board.

The doctor cured him completely.

Our house was completely burnt down in the great fire in the city.

He was completely uneducated and could not sign his own name.

I’m not completely blameless.

The rain drenched me completely.

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