one word substitution for phrases

Person who eats too much – Glutton (ग्लटन) Meaning - पेटू

Belonging to a foreign country - Alien (ऐलीअन) Meaning - विदेशी

The Science which studies the crust of the earth - Geology (जीआलजी) Meaning - भूविज्ञान

A man who is womanish in his habits - Effeminate (ईफेमिनट) Meaning - स्त्रैण

One who attacks first - Aggressor (अग्रेसर) Meaning - लड़ाई या छेड़ में अगुआ

One who eats human flesh - Cannibal (कैनबल) Meaning - आदमख़ोर

A doctor who treats skin diseases - Dermatologist (डर्मटालजिस्ट) Meaning - त्वचाविशेषज्ञ

A person who is slow in learning - Dunce (डन्स) Meaning - मूढ़मति

One who is all powerful - Omnipotent (आम्निपटन्ट) Meaning - सर्वशक्तिशाली

A cure for all diseases - Panacea (पैनसीअ) Meaning - रामबाण दवा

One who is recovering from illness - Convalescent (कान्वलेसन्ट) Meaning - स्वास्थ्य लाभकारी

One who thinks only of welfare of women - Feminist (फेमनस्ट) Meaning - महिलावादी

A person pretending to be somebody he is not - Imposter (इम्पास्टर) Meaning - बहुरूपिया

A study of man - Anthropology (ऐन्थ्रपालजी) Meaning - मनुष्य जाति का विज्ञान

A person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute - Arbitrator (आर्बिट्रेटर) Meaning - मध्यस्थ

One who looks at the dark side of things - Pessimist (पेसमिस्ट) Meaning - निराशावादी

A thing no longer in use - Obsolete (आब्सलीट) Meaning - अप्रचलित

One who loves mankind - Philanthropist (फिलैन्थ्रपिस्ट) Meaning - परोपकारी

A person who is of an age from 80 to 90 - Octogenarian (आक्टोजिनेरीअन) Meaning - अस्सी बरस का

The study of human face - Physiognomy (फिज़ीआग्नमी) Meaning - मुखाकृति

A doctor who specializes in medical diagnosis - Pathologist (पथालजस्ट) Meaning - रोगविज्ञानी

Open rebellion against authority - Mutiny (म्यूटनी) Meaning - बगावत

One who is not sure of the existence of God - Agnostic (ऐग्नास्टिक) Meaning - संशयवादी

One who spends very little - Miser (माइज़र) Meaning - कंजूस

A paper written by hand - Manuscript (मैन्यस्क्रिप्ट) Meaning - हस्तलेख

Animals that live on plants - Herbivorous (हर्बिवरस) Meaning - शाकाहारी

A person who believes whatever is told to him is - Credulous (क्रेजलस) Meaning - कान का कच्चा

Murder of a King - Regicide (रेजिसाइड) Meaning - नृपहंता

Existing from birth or before birth - Congenital (कन्जेनिटल) Meaning - जन्मजात

A medicine that induces sleep - Narcotic (नार्कटिक) Meaning - नींद लाने वाली दवा

One who deals in wine - Vintner (विन्ट्नर) Meaning - वाइन का व्यापारी

One who totally abstains from wine - Teetotaller (टीटोटलर) Meaning - मद्यत्यागी

Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool - Dotage (डोटिज) Meaning - सठियापा

A book published after the death of its author - Posthumous (पास्चुमस) Meaning - मरणोपरांत

That which cannot be conquered - Invincible (इन्विन्सबल) Meaning - अजय

One who collects coins - Numismatists (नूमिस्मटिस्ट) Meaning - मुद्राशास्त्री

A Government by the rich - Plutocracy (प्लूटाक्रसी) Meaning - धनिक तन्त्र

A picture drawn to make people laugh - Caricature (केरकचर) Meaning - हास्य चित्र

Property inherited from forefathers - Patrimony (पैट्रमोनी) Meaning - पैतृक संपत्ति

A place where pigs are kept - Sty (स्टाइ) Meaning - सूअरखाना

One who pretends to be what he is not - Hypocrite (हिपक्रिट) Meaning - ढोंगी

One who provokes disorder in a state - Anarchist (ऐनर्किस्ट) Meaning - अराजकतावादी

One with long experience - Veteran (वेट्रन) Meaning – अनुभवी

A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc - Pen (पेन) Meaning - बाड़ा

Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP - Outriders (आउट्राइडर) Meaning - अनुरक्षक

Exclusive possession of the trade in some commodity - Monopoly (मनापली) Meaning - एकाधिकार

One who is skilled in the study of celestial bodies - Astronomer (अस्ट्रानमर) Meaning - खगोलज्ञ

One who treats heart diseases - Cardiologist (कार्डीआलजिस्ट) Meaning - हृदयरोग विशेषज्ञ

A platform for hanging criminals - Scaffold (स्कैफल्ड) Meaning - फाँसी का तख्ता

A place where birds are kept - Aviary (एवीएरी) Meaning – पक्षीशाला

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