use overcome in a sentence | overcome sentence examples

If the character of the people of a country is strong, it will be very easy to overcome any crisis.

To achieve success, you must overcome failure.

A person’s confidence, self-reliance and dedication are so strong that they can uproot the cause of anxiety and overcome any obstacle.

How can we overcome our limitations?

A child need to be appreciated for his efficiency and guided to overcome his deficiencies.

People who have overcome obstacles are more secure than those who have never faced them.

Failures reveal our weakness that must be overcome.

Failure forces us to accumulate more energy to overcome this temporary situation.

He was overcome by nervousness on seeing a very stiff question paper.

She is not able to overcome her terror.

We were overcome with sorrow at her death.

I was overcome by emotion.

We shall have overcome all our difficulties.

Man has not overcome certain racial instincts as yet.

He was very strong, yet he was overcome.

Overcome with fatigue, she collapsed.

She was overcome with grief at the death of her husband.

Nip the evil in the bud or it will overcome you.

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