one word substitution for phrases

one word substitution for phrases Person who eats too much – Glutton (ग्लटन) Meaning - पेटू Belonging to a foreign country - Alien (ऐलीअन) Meaning - विदेशी The Science which studies the crust of the earth - Geology (जीआलजी) Meaning - भूविज्ञान A man who is womanish in his habits - Effeminate (ईफेमिनट) Meaning - [...]

objective type questions on ancient indian history

The most commonly used coin, during the Mauryan peroid, was - Karashapana The only Muslim woman to sit on the throne of Delhi was - Razia Sultan The largest building in Mohenjodaro was - Granary Who is known as the first jain tirthakara - Rishabh Who has written the biography of Harsha called 'Harshacharita' - [...]