use catharsis in a sentence | catharsis sentence examples

Catharsis is a release of bad emotions on a path to relief. Catharsis is the process of releasing strong or repressed emotions. It is a day of catharsis for my family. There has been much debate about the use of catharsis in the reduction of anger. Expressive writing is another common mechanism for catharsis. Reference/Source

use animosity in a sentence | animosity sentence examples

There is animosity between the two brothers for ancestral property. There is an old animosity between these two families. Animosity breeds animosity. There was no previous animosity between the accused and the victim. I do not harbour any animosity towards any religion. Tell me, who has created this animosity? I harbour ill will or animosity [...]

use capricious in a sentence | capricious sentence examples

Her capricious nature makes her difficult to work with. He is known to be capricious. The capricious weather has brought respite to residents from the warm and humid days. No other has behaved in such a capricious manner as you did in this meeting. Life is very capricious. He is an arrogant and capricious man. [...]

use gregarious in a sentence | gregarious sentence examples

It is a very gregarious bird. I am extremely gregarious and friendly. He is popular for his gregarious behavior. They are gregarious animal and prefer to move around in a group. He is gregarious and friendly by nature. Did you know being gregarious is good for your health? He is a gregarious and warm-hearted person. [...]