use astute in a sentence | astute sentence examples

He is an astute business tycoon. How are you able to make such an astute observation? He was an astute mediator who could resolve many a political or social differences. This book is an account of his journey to become an astute businessman. He is an astute statesman. He is an astute economist with a [...]

use taciturn in a sentence | taciturn sentence examples

He is taciturn and reserved person. He is shy and taciturn, and seldom talked about himself. He is taciturn and usually sits at home with his friends. He is a man of taciturn nature. You are more taciturn and uncommunicative than usual. He adopted a taciturn policy over the criticism. He is a chatterbox while [...]

use empathy in a sentence | empathy sentence examples

We should deploy empathy to sort out the mess we are in. He is known for his emphasis on empathy for patients. Empathy is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. People help friends out of feelings of empathy. What exactly does empathy mean? Please show empathy towards him. Do we have more empathy for friends than for [...]

use nefarious in a sentence | nefarious sentence examples

The police does not dare go there and check their nefarious activities. He has succeeded in his nefarious mission. He is involved in this nefarious trade. We should rise against the nefarious designs and greed of the corrupt politicians. He is also a part of this nefarious game plan. Beware of nefarious designs of anti-social elements. [...]

use enmity in a sentence | enmity sentence examples

Old enmity appeared to be the reason behind the incident. There is an old enmity between these the two families. This incident can be an outcome of some enmity. Shun enmity. The deceased had no enmity with anyone. He had no enmity with anyone. There was long-standing enmity between them. This murder can be the [...]

use abstemious in a sentence | abstemious sentence examples

It is our duty to keep it pure and abstemious. One should be abstemious in food and drink. He has an abstemious outlook on the film world. I am fairly abstemious. He lived a fairly abstemious life. He is an abstemious person by nature. He has abstemious habits. I am hardworking and abstemious person. My [...]