use taciturn in a sentence | taciturn sentence examples

He is taciturn and reserved person. He is shy and taciturn, and seldom talked about himself. He is taciturn and usually sits at home with his friends. He is a man of taciturn nature. You are more taciturn and uncommunicative than usual. He adopted a taciturn policy over the criticism. He is a chatterbox while [...]

use difference in a sentence | difference sentence examples

Teachers behaviour with their students makes a big difference in building up their attitude towards study. What is the difference between appreciation and flattery? It will not make much difference whether you go today or tomorrow. The difference between a great man and an ordinary man is not that of physique but of quality.

use attracted in a sentence | attracted sentence examples

Her selfless work attracted attention of the entire world. There are a number of women who are attracted to married men. What makes a guy genuinely attracted to a woman? Men do not get attracted to a woman's physique alone. She is attracted to you. Dragonflies are attracted to water because they breed in water. [...]

use almost in a sentence | almost sentence examples

Today, computers are being used in almost every sphere. Number thirteen is regarded as an unlucky and ominous figure in almost all countries. Almost every person wants to make money by hook or by crook. Examinations are a cause of fear to almost every student. His intellectual capability is almost phenomenal. It was almost dusk [...]