use continue in a sentence | continue sentence examples

You should continue your studies. His resolve to continue with the project has fallen by wayside. She can’t continue like this. It’s essential to continue. Do you plan to continue your education? How long will this hot weather continue? He advised me to continue my studies. Do you want this to continue? You will lose [...]

use audacious in a sentence | audacious sentence examples

This is an audacious terrorist attack. This is the most audacious and serious kind of attack. He is a hard working, audacious and highly refined person. Several persons are injured in an audacious mass shooting. This man is whimsical and audacious. I used to be audacious during my school days. Synonyms of Audacious adventurous, courageous, intrepid, [...]

use apprehensive in a sentence | apprehensive sentence examples

She was apprehensive that she would fail in the examination. We are apprehensive that such methods can be adopted by anti-social elements. He was apprehensive about it. There are some people who always remain apprehensive about the after-effects of holi. We are programmed in such a way that we are apprehensive of what is going [...]